A note for a mind-locked friend

I won’t cross swords with you. I don’t claim to be an expert. I don’t have an arsenal of cherry-picked statistics to throw as and when they fit. But what I am totally, irrevocably sure of is your misguided confidence – your blindness to the opinions which lie outside of your, let’s be honest, restricted scope of the world.

I can see that people suffer no less under the rule of your phony lord, that the leader whom you stand behind, like any other, touts the mantras and feeds the flames they know the darkest core of your mind wants for its gratification.

You follow one science, assembled of fragmented hate and competition. I follow another which, though I dare not say is better, seeks what I believe is a better cause: love. But that’s the crux of it, right? Your belief versus mine.

As I said, I’m no expert, but at least I know where my morals lie, and by God I will stick to the symbol which best depicts them. If you wish to stay my friend, please, please don’t be so stupid as to argue that your belief, as much a hash of biases as any other in this post-truth world, is any more credible than mine.


Hello again

A little bit of distance has shown me how easy it can be to lose track of one’s state of mind. As much as it sounds like the spiel of some awful corporate strategy to enthuse workers, self-reflection really is key if you want to be happy with yourself – at least for people who, like myself, are prone to over-thinking.

I’m still battling with a sense of lost control – it’s as if, without reminding myself of the things I do to feel successful, I will lose them. With this in mind, I’ve made a short list of these things and – stay with me here – mapped them onto a ‘personal timetable’.

Now, I know this could be a disaster, a clinical attempt to strap down my personality, but I’m goign to give it a short., Ironically,  I planned this post to revolve around not taking life too seriously. I guess I’m vaguely hoping that, through these quite ‘organised’ means, I’ll be allowed to relax… We’ll see.