Career Wake-Up Call

So, I just got off the phone with an old expert in the field of my dream job – a rare books librarian. The half-hour conversation was certainly useful, but if I’m honest, I spent quite a large portion of it squirming in my seat. As I tumbled over my words, admitting sheepishly to what was quickly feeling like an interviewer that I could not remember the meaning of ‘incunabulum’, I felt completely out of my depth (it’s an early printed book, by the way – printed before 1501, one of the first wave of printed texts. And I knew that!)

I’m aware that my self-perception is skewing what was a good talk (I knew what EEBO and ECBO were, as well as who the first European printer was!) but I can’t help feeling that this is a haughty, specialised area of work and no matter how academic my interests are, I’m simply too rough around the edges. I don’t know Latin. My history degree is only a BA. I didn’t even go to a grammar school.

But, even as I write, I’m deciding to say ‘Screw that!’ The world is our oyster, and I want this job. I’ve got some great tips from this experience, and a fire under my backside which will encourage me to, as an example, keep up the Latin classes. Anything is possible.


Personal Professional
Finish two ongoing poems. Complete PID assignment.
Finish reading ‘The Beautiful and Damned’. Track down text recommendations AND complete Latin tutorials.
Make any c. writing notes in diary.
Come up with more personal motivators.

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