Dusting off

“”Yes,” said Maggie. “It is with me as I used to think it would be with
the poor uneasy white bear I saw at the show. I thought he must have
got so stupid with the habit of turning backward and forward in that
narrow space that he would keep doing it if they set him free. One
gets a bad habit of being unhappy.”” (Eliot, The Mill on the Floss)

I may well have cited this quote on here before – it’s one I return to occasionally in my life. Even if I have, however, it does no harm to repeat it.

Habits can be innocuous and silly, but they can also form some of the staple foundations of our… personalities? I’m not sure that’s the right word – surely our characters are made of deeper stuff than biting nails, gambling or cigarettes? – but they do have a significant impact on how the outside world views us. Even if we manage to hide them from all others, they can tinge our self-perceptions and, what’s more, our self-worth.

I certainly feel that a lot of the aspects of our lifestyles which make us unhappy stem from such habits. Indeed, anxiety is apparently little more than a neurological ‘habit’ of releasing particular chemicals from the brain in particular scenarios, resulting in particular responses to triggers. I’m not at all arguing that a problem as complex as mental health can be waived by ‘breakin’ the habit’. But fighting those urges which leave us disappointed yet famished, still unsatisfied but ever more discontent with who we are, may help with the daily battles many of us face.

With this in mind, I’m dusting myself off and scouting around to find my key motivators. They might be familiar, lifetime partners, or new posts in the World Wide Web. Either way, I hope to post some of them up here, along with a couple of thoughts, in the coming weeks. Oh, and I’ll try my damnedest to avoid anything drenched in trite, clickbait-esque drivel (sorry, a bit of useless cynicism there – a terrible habit!)

Above all else, I believe in using the advice of others in supporting emotional well-being. But the opinions of some can be a risky means of relief. Take my posts with a pinch of salt, I beg you – they’re only my thoughts, after all.


Personal Professional
Make some plans for Lisbon. Complete essay.
Finish editing a poem. Write up a sketch plan for upcoming report.
Make any c. writing notes in diary.
Come up with some personal motivators.

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