Yet more resolutions

It’s been a strange few weeks; I feel that the use of this blog for myself (and any others – ha!) might be almost dried up. Whether it’s money, the future, or simply making the best of life, many silly things have been wrestling my mind lately. I’ve not had the headspace to write here properly, let alone set my weekly targets – but they’re coming back, I swear.

Speaking of resolutions, today is the 17th May… we’re already almost halfway through 2017, and what have I done? Well, I’ve had a poem published (albeit by a small publisher); I’ve been to Japan(!) and Belfast; I’ve recently run a triathlon and managed to get somewhere near my desired fitness level; I’ve read quite a lot and trundled on with my MA; I’ve strengthened friendships. But is this enough? Not nearly. What else is coming?

Well, I need to finish the first year of my MA; do more volunteer work (especially around August after I… move to a new flat; go to Lisbon; focus on my writing and get more published; start a new blog about special collections and complete a CPD course (Advanced Rare Books Librarianship); run another event for charity in the autumn. What else? Well, we’ll just have to see.


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