Holding on to your cause

Another quick one – I’m afraid I don’t have my Carnegie post yet, but it’s forthcoming!

To follow up from my last post, I’ve come to my senses re: my friend’s amazing development. As if to challenge my resolution to be positive, on Friday night I had a bit of an onslaught from some tipsy acquaintances on my choice of my career. But I know I have the answer; I’ve had it for weeks.

Personally, I need a cause to be happy. I think I see that clearly now. Whether this is a universal rule, I’m not prepared to say, but for me, having something to work towards is fundamental to my self-esteem. In reality, though, we can’t get promotions every time we feel blue about our prospects. We need to create the opportunities to feel good (opportunities like researching current trends in children’s literature prizes!)

In a sense, so long as I have a cause, something I dedicate my hard-work, my spirit and intellect to, nobody can claim I am not successful. I think I’d be happy to assure a friend the same about themselves.

Personal Professional
Finish ‘Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts’ Continue reading up on publishing careers (see UKSG)
Organise something ELSE for upcoming birthday (second friend group ;D) Complete OU Intro to Latin course

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