Old books are cool!

A quick update following my last post, and particularly relevant to this week’s professional targets:

This morning I was feeling a little blue about my career (the almost obligatory ‘What’s going to happen?’ scenario of all 20-somethings). I haven’t heard back from a job application I made down in Cambridge, and felt pretty deflated. So… what did I do?

Following a brief mope on the train to work, I walked into our library with a revived determination to find some means of inching a little closer to my ultimate goal, to become a Rare Books Librarian. I’ve booked onto an upcoming conference in Senate House Library, London (a beautiful place, and my old university library!) which I’d previously been unsure about booking the time off for (see here: http://www.senatehouselibrary.ac.uk/blog/radical-collections-radicalism-and-libraries-and-archives-cfp). On top of this, I’ve found two really interesting CPD modules offered by Aberystwyth University (see here: http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/dis/short-courses/#our-courses) which will supplement my more general librarianship MA and hopefully give me an edge in future applications. They’re pricey, at £450 each, but that’s currently just over two months’ savings, after my house savings – doable, I’m certain!

I know what I want – I just need to go for it. #Oldbooksarecool.


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