Family fun

My post is a day late again – on top of that, I didn’t manage my professional tasks this week. It’s been a lousy weekend, but at least I finished my two books, and will be nursing (read: nibbling) a lovely carrot cake for the remainder of this week.

I’ll be doing the unforgivable and recycling my two professional targets for next week – nobody is infallible. I do, however, have a reason for falling short of the mark, the details of which I won’t bore you with. Suffice it to say, ‘family’.

Falling out with relatives is a strange problem to tackle. When we’re young, and restricted by our little, domestic universes, it’s easy to fight with impunity – whether we like it or not we’ll be reconciled, ultimately, by the simple force of our cohabitation. On the other hand, as we age, that certainty becomes less resilient.

Family are important, and we don’t choose them – but we do choose how we manage our relationships with them. The reality is that a family member is just as human as anyone you cross on the street, and that means they can be just as bad for you.

In the spirit of ‘taking control’ (not in any way a Trumpism, I promise) I’m taking a step back from a small set of relationships which have caused me some deceptively potent grief over the past several months. This is difficult, not least due to the enormous, engraved platitude plastered across our everyday media, embedded in our culture as human beings, that ‘family comes first’. But I have decided, once again, to be strong, to be fair, to be considerate, but above all to look after myself. Is that selfishness?


Personal Professional
Finish either ‘You Could Look It Up’ or ‘Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts’ Continue reading up on publishing careers
Organise something for upcoming birthday Research archival/special collections opportunities (events, courses etc.)

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