“Nice people made the best Nazis”

It’s a worn cliché, I know, but in recent days it really has begun to feel like the world has hit a new low – has gone mad, even.

In one sense, it’s easy to resign oneself to it, to abandon the awkward game like a bad piece of stitching and toss it away.  To make a contribution, to do anything political in 2017 feels dangerous – it requires far more delicacy than most have. And the price you pay for a missed step? Well, that’s up for debate, I suppose. Judging by the tumult of angry, sleepless voices streaming through the internet, day and night, few people actually care about how they seem; they simply want to be heard. But sometimes I worry I’m a believer, no matter how anxious it makes me to think so, that opinions mark a person, and often not for the better.

I try, therefore, to be quiet when Trump, the EU or benefit cuts sidle into the room, awkward and embarrassing, like an overactive, oversized puppy in one’s care. But to be quiet, to avoid the dread of those oncoming explosions, always hot on the heels of opinionated voices, is no longer the safe man’s position. I read the other day that “nice people made the best Nazis” – if this is true, we all have a lot of thinking to do about how we spend our days. Is to be “nice”, in actual fact, to be “complicit?” Because if so, I need to re-evaluate my stance on, well, everything…


NB: On another note, ‘The Tenant’ was another brilliant work – I’ll discuss it in this coming week.

Personal Professional
Finish both ‘Rebecca’ and ‘Lolita’. Continue reading up on publishing careers
Bake two new types of cake! Research archival/special collections volunteering opportunities

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