Best selves

Did you ever know someone who brought out the worst version of yourself? The person who managed, off the cuff, almost like clockwork, to deform you, draw bitter, childish words from your mouth and make your voice crack like a jarring, broken record? You suddenly find yourself losing all control over your principles, and for the first time since childhood have to fight to keep your fists beneath the table.

In everyday life, we somehow sidestep these people with barely a scratch to our ‘goodness’. We don’t bother turning the torch under the muck of our minds and wonder, why was that okay? We hide, content to know that with some people, our dignity doesn’t count.

But, what if that person is someone you need to love? If you can’t be your best self with a lover, brother, mother, is it only reserved for those you don’t really care for? Is it for you alone? And if so, can you really be that best version without another to appreciate it?


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