How do we work with apologies? What’s the situation with those things? The contract, the state of affairs? What’s too much? Too little? Overbearing, unsatisfactory? Where’s the sweet spot? How do we steady the seemingly endless swing between pig-headed confidence, and sniffling our way through lives of crooning ‘oh’s and enough knee-bending to dizzy a chiropractor?

Do you ever feel like you need to announce it? It’d be so easy today – just fling a status across the internet. Or if you wanted to be really classy, you could slip a message to the town crier: ‘Hear ye, hear ye! Mr _____ of _______ Road wants everybody, everybody to know that he is sorry. Sorry for not taking that desperate hint the other night. Sorry for not asking the right questions. Sorry for hurting, laughing, talking, not talking, singing, crying, sitting, walking, and generally just messing it up. Mr ______ is sorry…

Apologies hurt. What hurts even more is worrying you’ve not made one… correctly. I only wish our pains could say sorry for us.


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