Growing Pains

Adjusting to adulthood is a strange experience. Being a 20-something year-old, you’ve not been able to commit to much, which can be a real freedom, but for many it’s simply a licence to worry. At the same time, though, you realistically don’t have enough life experience to commit totally to a set path. Many are left floating, like a piece of space debris, occasionally knocking themselves against an unpleasantly hard lump of rock.

These lumps can be a real headache. They’re relationships, rejections, friendships, mistakes, failures and successes – a lot to handle. How do those of us who actively avoid not knowing where we’ll be next year, or push so frantically against disappointments, manage to dodge the most profound knocks? Well, we don’t.

We can’t stop the rug from being pulled from under our feet. All we can do is hold our breath and clutch as many of our belongings – our loves, our desires, the qualities we’re most proud of – as possible.

Hold on tight; let’s see how much of us makes it through.


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